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I’m Nayoung Kong, living in South Korea, both student and freelance Korean-English interpreter & translator. I’m interested in news, especially on foreign policy, economics, trade and commerce, and inter-Korea related issues, philosophy, art, books and travelling.

The reason why I decided to start blogging is because of my short experience in Washington DC, USA. Because of the language barrier, I found that many foreigners seemed to have difficulty getting a chance to know about the real Korean culture and information — from fun things to serious topics — before they actually get here and experience. It results in making people lean against the Western perspectives toward Korea through renowned Western media outlets.

“We must act out passion before we can feel it” – Jean Paul Sartre

Like Sartre said above, which is one of my favorite quotes, if you feel the passion growing inside, you should grip it, cherish it and make it bigger by acting out and exploring more of it because that kind of feeling rarely comes in life. I hope one day I could become one of the channels that help deepening the understanding between the cultures through my writings and make more friends sharing interests. I will not only post Korea-related issues but also plan to write a blog about my personal interests here. I do enjoy and appreciate different opinions and views and exchanging ideas, so please don’t hesitate to update me with your thoughts.

You can be more quickly updated and see more brief opinions of mine on various topics by following me on Twitter(@kong_nayoung). If you have any questions, feedback, or recommendation for future postings, please let me know through e-mail or Twitter. Or you can just leave comment on the post which interested you. If you want to share and publish something interesting but needs translation, I’m here to help you with that too.

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On June 20th, 2015

Nayoung Kong

Korean-English Interpreter & Translator / M.A. Candidate in Interpreting and Translation / B.A. in English & B.L. in the U.S. and International Law / Twitter: @kong_nayoung / E-mail: ny.k.kong@gmail.com / Blog: https://nayoungkong.wordpress.com

Welcome to my Blog